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Exquisite Accompaniment. I have to strongly disagree with their assesment of Illusionary script.

You give XIAFLEX.com 5 rage powers, but a full strength animal companion is worth it I think. Mending : Makes minor repairs on an object. With limited ability to rest it could also mean a higher sense of drama. If you are a spellscale, take it. Weirdly enough, bards haven't got spot as a class skill. Ghost Brand M : Allow an item to transform into a brand and back.

  • The Aspects are nice, and replace an ability that isn't stellar. At 5th level, your d6 turns into a d8, at 10th level it becomes a d10, and at 15th level it becomes a d

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  • Unfortunately, all of them are mind-affecting, all spels them are melee touch attacks, and all of them can be replicated easily and more effectively by almost any arcane spellcaster class. But still you cave a pittance of gold in the long run but it frees your archers from having to carry a bundle of arrows into a dungeon or face complete irrelevance.

  • Plant Growth's problematic limitation is that it requires plants to be in the area. Touch of Gracelessness.

Bard stats 5E

Everything that the Demagogue can do could probably be replaced with a Diplomacy check if your DM is open minded. Mad Hallucination. Dust of Twilight. Originally Posted by ericgrau.

This class variant is useful to bards that are lose to be multiclassing early. For going Full, if you want to play a Swashbuckler who relies on brains rather than charming personality, and doesn't have to worry about Panache Points running out, this looks like a decent way to do it. If you want to make a dessert campaign have players face the problem of their cleric or druid being kidnapped by bandits or other dessert dwellers who see the spell as a valuable resource for them both personally or financially. A Guide to the Champion of Irori [ Discussion ].

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Now here comes the clever part Well, you can. Repress Memory : Remove a piece of knowledge from your mind. Ferment : Affected liquid becomes alcoholic Flare Burst : As flarebut affects all creatures in 10 ft. You are now a one-trick pony

No matter lsoe you do, you can only use your Eldritch Surge twice per day, so having many different ways to use it isn't as nice as it sounds on paper. You can hang out in this archetype for a little bit, but that's about all. Too bad it only works for archers oh wait archery is among the best combat styles anywhow and this makes it much better. While silent bombs are largely useless by RAW it doesn't actually change the perception check to notice your attacktargeting bomb is a great way to deal with enemies using invisibility or concealment and a few off-list spells rounds things out nicely.


Cure Moderate Wounds, Mass. Saving Finale lets you have a new saving throw. A touched creature with an attitude toward you of indifferent or better and not hostile toward your visible allies must succeed a Will save or fall asleep. Seek Thoughts.

  • Like everything you the OP has a problem with could be fixed with like g.

  • Touch of Gracelessness.

  • Where is the BBEG?

  • Originally Posted by Psyren. As disguise selfbut you can change the disguise as a swift action.

  • Sculpt Sound. See Invisibility.

  • They run out of arrows, while a wizard will never run out of firebolt. Red: Bad Spell.

Shadow Claws : Claws of shadow deal slashing damage and Strength damage Shamefully Overdressed : Force pathfonder to remove equipment. Vengeful Outrage : Target is compelled to destroy one enemy. Reduced rage is not much of a penalty, since barbarians get quite a bit of rage anyhow. To use video games as an example, just imagine all those games that have you push crates onto scales or see-saws to reach higher ledges. Apologies, I meant to reply here. Uncanny dodge sucks, and heavy armor is cool! This archetype trades off a bit much to do its thing.

Magic Lore Ex : The ability to disarm magical traps removes your need for a Rogue, assuming you can spare skill ranks for Disable Device. Tongues, Communal. For some reason the Bard gets proficiency with the Whip. Touch of Blindness. Creator of the Vow of Nudity Spoiler.


Which can add up quickly. Zenith April 9, at AM. You can find the last version of this guide here.

  • That is a pretty bad trade, and that it costs a standard action makes it practically unusable in combat to boot; you should basically never use this.

  • Fortunately, that isn't the only power the Sandman gets. Unless you have a Barbarian in the party, I would never consider this.

  • I think that Create Water is the only cantrip you listed with the potential to actually trivialize what would otherwise be a difficult situation, IF you and your players enjoy the resource management aspect of the game.

  • A fairly straightforward archetype whose only significant drawback can be bought back with a discovery, but whose only significant advantage can also be bought by vanilla Alchemists with a discovery.

  • Track Ship : Use a piece of a ship to track it on a nautical chart. Bramble Brewer Half-Elf.

Consult spels DM before deciding to use these spells. Perhaps the biggest challenge the dervish faces is that their best dances compete for attention at the same time. Interfere with nearby teleportation effects. Shout, Greater. They still work to outside of sailing, though their utility is significantly reduced. Second, you can use this to make enemies not be hostile toward you and your allies for one minute.

But, as always, good luck with your game! Sleight of But can If you are using the conceal spellcasting skill trick, you'll may want to spend a few weigt here. Assuming the Arcana check is made first try. Grasp : Retry a Climb check as an immediate action Haunted Fey Aspect : You surround yourself with disturbing illusions. During a short rest, you can give a performance to your allies that grants them an extra 1d6 hit points each. How about reducing the amount of light given off by the cantrip down to candlelight?

Best Races For Bards 5E

See handbook for more details. Anonymous December 27, at PM. It's up to you. Similarly, create water removes a large part of the challenge of travelling through inhospitable terrain. Offering some mostly circumstantial benefits, this archetype simply isn't worth the loss of one of your valuable discoveries.

Zenith May 22, at AM. One of them was Aeight Fire. Melee: You have access to the longspear, which is a reach weapon. You'll be wearing a random suit of light armor, probably a chain shirt, until you're able to afford a mithral breastplate, which is standard issue. Zenith June 28, at AM. Unknown July 3, at PM. Find out more on the new blog and read this page on the new site.

Is the fletching still spiraled? I think that Pathfinder bard guide spells to lose weight Water is the only cantrip you listed with the potential to actually trivialize what would otherwise be a difficult situation, IF you and your players enjoy the resource management aspect of the game. So use them. Create water? If you are a spellscale, take it. No matter what you do, you can only use your Eldritch Surge twice per day, so having many different ways to use it isn't as nice as it sounds on paper. Zenith May 20, at PM.

Minor Image. Heroism, Greater. While under the effects of this spell, whenever you trigger a trap by rolling poorly on a Disable Device check, you may roll a second Disable Device check. You can grant a bonus to saving throws against charms and compulsions or suppress an existing, in-effect charm or compulsion.


Darting Duplicate : Summon a duplicate of yourself to provoke enemy attacks of opportunity. Potential haste or slow for anyone around you every round. Conjuration Force Anchor : USH Interesting spell if you want to slow a retreating enemy down, but not fantastic otherwise. Night Terrors : Disturb a creature's rest with dark dreams Overwhelming Presence : Creatures bow before you as if you were divine. Mutagen can at least be bought back at the 2nd level, but that will hurt until then.

Discordant Blast. Marching Chant. Also keep in mind that Two-Weapon Fighting builds won't benefit from this ability. Makes everyone within 10 feet invisible.

Whispering Wind. Plants like mint or clover can fit into a small pot, and when you make them grow you get a pretty and pleasant-smelling field of super-difficult terrain. Vicarious View. Swarm of stones damaging 1d6 and distracting anything within it. Shrink your role.

You create an illusory duplicate of yourself that opponents might waste an attack of opportunity on. Shadow Walk. Zone of Silence. Music of the Spheres.

Site Navigation. While loss could be fun and very effective, it also makes the spell's effect totally dependent on the DM and their interpretation of what an affected creature is mentally capable of doing. My sense is that only careful spell selection will make the bard even faintly useful now. Blood Biography. Channel magical power into target to fuel their spellcasting. Terrible Remorse. Apparent Master.

Loose one rank in every Knowledge skill and Bardic Knowledge you can expect to consistently pass most Knowledge checks. Entice Fey, Lesser. Combine with Lingering Song for maximum effectiveness. Allowing a saving throw makes this more difficult to use, and the 30 foot range is hard. Originally Posted by QuackParker. Saving Finale.

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Eventually bards pathfihder use their music effects as move actions and later swift actions. With less offensive combat spells than the Wizard, the Arcane Duelist is still a Support class, but with better damage output than a typical Bard, and much less emphasis on skills. Unearthly and infectious song that seductively summons up to 24 HD of creatures and fascinate them. What am I missing?

Anonymous September 30, at AM. Song of the Heart have Inspire Competence as a prereq. We meant adventure. Masterwork Transformation : Make a normal item into a masterwork one.

Dazzles one creature —1 on attack rolls. Lights fascinate 24 HD of creatures. Cause Fear. Sends a Tiny animal to a specific place.

Discern Value. Str : Good for melee or bow damage, but the Bard needs Los to fix their poor AC, and they can't be good at every ability. The Geisha is a fantastic concept. Suggestion, Mass. You sacrifice most of the Bard's offensive capacity by removing the Bard's armor and most weapons, but Tea Ceremony hugely expands the utility of Bardic Performance. As charm personbut affects multiple creatures within 30 ft.


So, situational in this instance. Demanding Message. Start a second bardic performance while maintaining the first.

I like evocation spells more than summoning spells. Considering most barbarians have a very high constitution, making the will save to not kill your team very difficult. BTW, thanks for keeping this up here. It has a duration of days per level and costs nothing to cast.

  • And you do a very good job so far.

  • Deft Digits.

  • Quote from: Arz on June 07,PM.

  • You could also accomplish the same kind of thing by changing what spells are available as unlimited 0-level spells.

  • It can only be used in builds to fill requirements. Technomancy : As detect magicexcept detecting the presence of technological objects.

Dragon Drinker. Similar to the Mysterious stranger, this class uses her Charisma instead of Wisdom for grit. Somewhere inbetween. Now, instead barc ending the mystery, the party has its first clue — what is the identity of lose weight scorpion-masked killer? Stunning Fist becomes less dependable as you level, so you are trading passive defense for additional effects on an iffy attack. Marine terror is ok, but losing fast movement sucks, and the limit of only ignore water 1 foot deep seems strange what about 1 foot, 2 inches deep? Encouraging this kind of thought about the game world is vastly more engaging for the players, because as soon as they start realizing these sorts of logic puzzles are in the world, they start trying to overcome challenges with something other than skill rolls and DPS.

This effect makes you functionally invisible to whoever you focus on, as long as you're in range. Magical areas, multiple types of magic, or strong local magical emanations may distort or conceal weaker auras. Detect Radiation : Detect radiation in the surrounding area. Healing Word allows you to heal an injured companion from far away, meaning you can help without directly entering the fray.

Undead Paragon Classes II: Ghoul, Lich and Mummy

Haunting Mists. Because you can't abuse Lingering Song, you need to be careful about how frequently you use your buffs, or you will quickly run out of rounds. Whip of Spiders.

You're also pathfinrer. Shadow Claws : Claws of shadow deal slashing damage and Strength damage Shamefully Overdressed : Force target to remove equipment. And, since we are talking about Pathfinder, that passage is on page 9 of the core rulebook. Shadow Enchantment : Use material from the Shadow Plane to create an illusory version of an enchantment spell.

Eating clean but can t lose weight Call, Mass. Toilsome Chant. The bonus confers the usual benefit to skills and abilities based on the ability enhanced, but does not affect bonus spells or skill ranks. You may also need a patient, permissive DM, so try not to abuse this too much or your DM may grow tired of your shenanigans and instill some sort of consequences. Good Hope. With enough intelligence to fuel the Archivist's need for skill ranks, this can be a very solid linear improvement to the vanilla Bard. The math on Plant Growth's speed reduction is impressive.

Catatonia : Make a willing target appear to be dead. As well, remember that we want to sub out as many abilities as possible, and replacing Still Mind cuts you out of useful archetypes. This is an interesting, and excellent archetype, but it's very different than the normal Investigator.

Using Bluff in place of Diplomacy is amusing, and with the Streetwise bonus, your Bluff skill will be fantastic. You can quickly analyze the monetary value of objects and identify which are most valuable to an average trader. Timely Inspiration. Sound Burst. As disguise selfbut affects you or another.

The concept is weight fun, and the abilities are ho on their own, but you give up the Bard's signature features Bardic Performance and their versatility with skills for some very limited luck bonuses and a sligthly better version of Trapfinding. Within the area of effect, this spell impedes the use of spells of the summoning subschool and other effects that summon creatures. Also note that many colored items are also links to the Paizo SRD. Abundant Ammunition. Uncanny Dodge Ex : Uncanny Dodge isn't very good, but it doesn't hurt to have.

Undead Paragon Classes III: Banshee, Ghost & Wraith

Warpriest-guide-Fight-for-your-god 6. Pyrotechnics : Turns fire into blinding light or choking smoke. Card sharp: These are the very best trading card games. You kind of are being a grumpy old man. Or if battle clerics were limited to stabilizing three dying soldiers in a day without carrying around healing kits?

  • Various smaller benefits.

  • Then you've won a fight, and earned the real treasure: the friends that you made along the way, and whatever their previous friends had in their pockets.

  • Paizo is great people though and their enthusiasm for gaming is infectious.

  • Puts 10 HD of creatures to sleep. Life of Crime.

  • MAGIC, n.

Prolly the best way to build a bodyguard. Payhfinder : Create a mobile area of bright light while also suppressing light surrounding it. Is there a lack of completed builds or something? Since then dozens of pathfinder bard guide spells to lose weight have come out for many different classes, but all of them have been dedicated to the rating style and format Treantmonk. Ranged: There are some ranged weapons for the bard. For Full progression, you trade out Improved Uncanny Dodge for the ability to sacrifice rounds of Bloodrage to apply a Metamagic feat without increasing the level of spell slot expended, and gives you the option to replace Bloodline Feats with Metamagic Feats.

Disguise Other : As disguise selfbut affects you or another. Conjuration Force Anchor : USH Interesting spell if you want to slow a retreating enemy down, but not fantastic otherwise. Yes it does change the flavour of the game. A really bad archetype! The later levels will be really hard for players to use, since they affect Teamwork feats and replace bonus feats, but they might be pretty good for GMs to use to make teams of martials that show those snooty spellcasting players that they aren't as overpowered as they think. Shout, Greater : Devastating yell deals 10d6 sonic damage; stuns creatures. Mongrel Mage.


Target is penalized on attacks and checks but gains bonus against charms and compulsions. Flickering Lights. My sense is that only careful spell selection will make the bard even faintly useful now. Abjuring Step. Dancing Darkness.

The loss in progression always spel,s a spellcaster, but this is one of the few classes where a dip could be weight the cost - provided you pick a good bloodline combination. Balance: Spend 5 ranks in balance, so that you won't be flat-footed when balancing. It would be better if it provided protection against a wider range of spells, but as is, providing defense only against spells with the sonic descriptor, it's not good, because you are better off actively buffing your party instead of passively waiting your opponents to cast [sonic] spells. Army Across Time : As ally across timebut more cubes and more duplicates Aroden's Spellsword : Merge a melee weapon with a rod or staff. The Construct Rider is a double-edged archetype. Do you have a discussion on a forums somewhere for it as well?

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Lore Master Ex : With the exception of your checks to identify monsters, you likely won't make more than a few knowledge checks in a day, so make sure that you get as much out of them as possible. His selection of spells isn't as broad as the Wizard or the Cleric, but the Bard gets access to many fantastic support and area control spells, as well as a few Cure spells at low levels. Eventually bards can use their music effects as move actions and later swift actions. Flying familiars make excellent scouts, especially for observing distant ships. Commune with Birds.

Living creature of 6 HD or less loses next action. Wordstrike Su : Amusing, but the damage is very small. But I have to ask a few questions. Unconscious Agenda.

An art of converting superstition into coin. As charm personbut affects multiple creatures within 30 ft. Create a whip made of sound that damages foes and can frighten animals. Malicious Spite.

  • You trade off a bunch of exploits for access to a Sorcerer bloodline.

  • Vengeful Outrage.

  • Arcanes get spells like Jolt and Acid splash they can use at will but what is 1d3 damage versus the non-casters endless number of available attack actions that deal at least 1d4 to maybe 2d6 all day long, as you say, AT WILL.

  • That said, the combination of the available Swashbuckler leaves some nice flavor.

The amount of freedom this gives pathfinder bard guide spells to lose weight when determining a build is completely unmatched. Unnatural Lust : Target is compelled to kiss or caress another. That's besides the fact that bad are, mechanically, simply better than traditional ranged weapons when you are able to negate their downsides with class abilities. But either way if you want to limit a spell because it negates resource management then you might have to consider negating classes with dark vision because why should they use torches? Overall, this archetype is still really sad, and needs a full rewrite.

Summon Monster 1 : Summons extraplanar creature to fight for you. The book doesn't even exist! Corpse Hunter. Contingent Scroll : ACG …. This is particularly nice for role compression on a low-level party, but it does not gain access to the Heal spell and as a result falls behind at higher levels. Spark : Ignites flammable objects.

Fortitude saves are far better than reflex ones. Harrowed Society Student credit avr. However, this spell is a nice buff against the proper melee opponent. All of the spells are 7th and 6th level and a normal bard does not access them, but still, it requires a huge investment. Wyrm Sniper. Animate Objects Y : Objects attack your foes. Remember that you can swap a song you get at later levels for this feat, with the eberron bard alternative feature.

Dancing Darkness. Play Half-Elf. Lock Gaze. Motes of Dusk And Dawn.

It's a fine ability, but it's definitely not an improvement on Bardic Knowledge. Dispel Magic, Greater. Memorize Page. Provide a greater heroism effect that you can reverse at any time. Subject gains bonus on Perception checks. Birds includes horrifying things like Rocs.

Climb : Romeo surely had ranks in this weight. Impede Speech : Interfere with the target's ability to speak. Dex to damage with guns? Shadowbard : Shadowy duplicate starts a tk performance. Healing Hymn CC : Don't do it! In a desert setting, I raise the base difficulty depending on how harsh the environment is, and the scaling to one additional cared for individual for each 5 or even 10 points by which it is exceeded. Meaning, they are not, like a computer program, the same experience that has the same results for the same inputs no matter which computer that program is run upon.

So, at first glance, i was appalled by the title, but as i read your fix, i said, i patjfinder it could work. Zenith September 24, at PM. Incredibly useful, and — crucially — can also be used for shenanigans. The biggest downside of this archetype is the large number of exploits paid, and the fact that you're locked out of the extra exploit feat until the 5th level which makes buying them back difficult.

  • It also somewhat forces you to double check every adventure you run…as many writers are just going to assume that there will be an unlimited amount of 0th level spells floating around. In exchanges for less smite uses more on that in a bita fixed but solid choice of Sacred Bond and Aura of Resolve on the class with the highest saves in the game, you get more spells, more spell options, a domain.

  • Bolded are the priority ones. Akashic Communion.

  • Or we can use a lot of lead. This subclass is the perfect fit for a Bard who sits well within the morally grey camp, but still wants to keep their friends safe and well protected.

  • Detect strength and location of charms, compulsions, and possession auras on creatures in the area. Activating this will consume nearly half of your music rounds for the day, leaving you very little time to make use your new Barbarian friends.

Additionally you are incapable of taking burn to power up your wild talents. Well, we can hire our own to cast Nondetection or Magic Aura or similar. Zenith April 9, at AM. Hmm - I don't think I've removed any ranger guides. Balance: Spend 5 ranks in balance, so that you won't be flat-footed when balancing.

Commune with Birds. I like the masterpiece concept, and I especially like the Ride of the Valkyries above. Thread: Are bards really that useless in Pathfinder? Create Treasure Map. Envious Urge. Fools scrying with an illusion.

Combined with the Bard's pathfindef fantastic Support abilities, this is a great option for a character that doesn't plan to spend all of their time dealing damage. It seems like a great spell for a normal bard, allowing him to stack Inspire Courage and Inspire Competence, but useless to a Dawnflower Dervish. This spell makes it difficult for the subject to cast arcane spells, use spell-like abilitiesand use some abilities granted by arcane spellcasting classes. Exquisite Accompaniment. Dispel Magic.

Most of the masterpieces are jank but there are some good ones: - Legato Piece gives a bard Planar Ally at the same level a Cleric would get it, - Clamor of the Heavens is a nice AoE no-save-just-lose, particularly in an undead- or fiend-heavy campaign, though the wind-up time is fairly long. Interesting choices, Stream. Get him down by removing Fly. Utter Contempt. Cure Light Wounds. Bards are not as strong as the primary casters and they certainly have encounters and foes they're less useful against. Animal gains the combat training general purpose.

Unseen Crew. Auditory Hallucination. Battle Dance : You selfish jerk. Rainbow Pattern. You curse a magic item, such as magical clothing, a suit of armoror a weapon. Third Party Bard Spells. Ghost Sound.

Pathfnder target can take no actions and is denied its Dex bonus. Bladethirst Su : Similar to the Magus's ability to enhance weapons, but any weapon within 30 feet. As magic aurabut also affects creatures and allows more options. Twitter Logo Twitter logo with white bird icon on a blue background. Dominate Person. The Sandman gets some really fantastic save-or-suck sleep effects, and some cool protections against spells. With a touch, you determine the exact thickness of a wall, ceiling, or other solid barrier.

Disrupt Link. Dispel Magic: If your cleric is guidde in melee combat or trying to keep people alive, if your wizard is busy dealing with demons and hordes of orcs trying to crush the fighter, you have the capacity to remove a VITAL spell from the enemy spellcaster. Find out more on the new blog and read this page on the new site. Beguiling Gift.

Coordinated Effort. Hidden Speech. Pathfinder bards also have more bardic music options and interesting new spells. Feather Fall.

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Light : Object shines like a torch. Ever-burning torch is cheap and ioun torches are not much more expensive. Wow…I think your type of gameplay must be extremely boring to be involved in. The ability isn't evil, so it's usable by anyone. Dungeonsight F : Receive a clear and memorable view of the layout of the nearby area. Tiny Hut : Creates shelter for 10 creatures.

Affected creature practices nonviolent combat behaviors according to a list of priorities. Meticulous Match. Transfer Tattoo. Once per minute, if you are subject to a charm effect that allows a saving throw, you may roll twice and take the more favorable result. Vigilant Rest. Bardic Performance : Song of the Wild is surprisingly good and very versatile.

Harrowed Society Student credit avr. Why not me? Halflings are another great option for Bard. Oneiric Horror, Greater : As oneiric horrorplus Str damage.

If you want to make a dessert campaign have players face the problem of their cleric or druid being kidnapped by bandits or other dessert dwellers who see the spell as a valuable resource for them both personally or financially. Zenith June 25, at AM. Thank you so much, I'm already linking it to all of my friends who play pathfinder! Now here comes the clever part

No need to look for an oasis or island at which to replenish your fresh water supplies—just have the cleric fill barrel after barrel—or flask after flask—with fresh water. Shawn Perry January 28, at PM. Zenith August 23, at AM. They really do not need to be cut off at the knees by taking away the at-will spells. Sure PF and 3e in general is higher magic than many of us old men wistfully recall from the game on which we grew up.

Invisibility Bubble, Giant : As invisibility bubblebut capable of affecting larger creatures Invisibility Sphere : Makes everyone within 10 feet invisible. Solid Note : Creates tangible music note. Power -2, Versatility

Do you not allow wands or magic item Creation in your Pathfinder games? The Improvised Item Mastery ability that you get at 19th level has the problem that any use of weigut Item Mastery feat counts against uses of all Item Mastery feats, even though some have a lot more uses per day than others. That is a spe,ls bad trade, and that it costs a standard action makes it practically unusable in combat to boot; you should basically never use this. The ability to get a lot of the distance attack Feats is nice, and the thought of throwing a flurry of pellet grenades is cool, but it's nowhere near worth it as a whole. The other class features are of limited value; anaesthetic is circumstantial, and power over death is very unreliable since you need to both reach the dying target and spend a full round action to apply the extract within 1 turn. Also note that many colored items are also links to the Paizo SRD. Shawn Perry October 7, at AM.

Charm Monster, Mass. Hidden Diplomacy. Find Fault. Saving Finale. Sympathetic Vibration.

Insect Scouts. Bardic Performance : You give up your non-combat songs for the ability to cause Rage, as the spell. Commune with Birds.

Pathfinder bard guide spells to lose weight any event, I hope you enjoy your games! Arid Refuge : Creates a safe house for air-breathing creatures underwater Bard's Escape : You and allies escape an emergency by teleporting to safety. A Fighter can swing a sword all day and be effective, so why must the caster be limited further? In the magic item rules, anything that can be used 10 times a day is usually cheaper to just make use avtivated or continuous, so it stands to reason that a caster who can cast a spell 10 times a day just knows that spell and can cast it. Clarion Call : Make yourself heard over great distances. Guide-to-Attacks-of-Opportunity If you wanna build a tanky ranger for a spell casting heavy group this is a pretty strong option.

Int : Lose weight skill ranks are great for the Bard's huge giude list. The Sandman also gets a small amount of sneak attack, and some cool stealth powers. Originally Posted by Keld Denar. This could be a very fun archetype for an RP-heavy campaign, but it's not going to be noticable in a fight. Without Versatile Performance your skill ranks become much more precious, but this is certainly a worthwile investment. This spell creates an invisible psychic interference that inhibits telepathic communication. As dispel magicbut can affect multiple targets.