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World of tanks t 34 best equipment to lose weight – ★ T-34/100 Review: Czech's Soviet Checkmate! ★

These differences are taken into account in tooltip boxes. The T at least had the armor protection against lower caliber guns.

And it is, in fact, key. Most tend to lean towards the Object due to the gun depression, but the Ta has its own strengths as well. According to the claims, the shot was fired at m. This article is in need of some care and attention and may contain errors or inaccuracies. Zhozef KotinTsKB III and IV was felt.

  • The US had a different accounting method, counting unrecoverable losses, losses which had to be sent to the factory, and losses which could be repaired in the field. The Sherman.

  • If my stats haven't proved my opinion, aka a fact, then you're just refusing to believe the truth. This is inaccurate.

  • What immobilized much of the German armored forces and the Luftwaffe was the shortage of fuel.

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Could you also make an article about the Joseph Stalin tank? Very low profile which meant limited internal space and poor gun depression. The US M4a1 had similar issues and much of the early production was quietly passed on to other Allies as aid. The Christie suspension used on the T had the advantage that it allowed for high speeds on road. Against all the Allies yes.

Kennedy summarizes the U. On the surface, yes, probably eqjipment weapons destroyed world of tanks t 34 best equipment to lose weight T than anything else. I remember reading, when I was younger, about the battle of Kursk and how hundreds of t's were scattered across the battlefield shot out and burning. This Tank Review was requested by several players looking to learn more about the Czech line. Despite being a tier 8 module, the engine is not powerful enough to allow you to take full advantage of your top speed. Yet I think the T was, in anda powerful opponent, the most dangerous enemy for a Panzer. Nazis felt too comfortable in Europe using the whole economy, and opportunities.

The American defense of Bastogne was epic and controlling the road network that radiated from Bastogne certainly aided the American counter attacks but the reality is it made little difference to the outcome of the battle. Base accuracy is. Very impressed with the income, 3 battles in a row I only did about damage but got around 2. Combined with great mobility the Object is a killer tier 10 SPG. My other tanks don't throw tracks at random intervals or from slight dips at speed. MT Tier 6 At tier 6 is the MT which is a traditional scout that relies upon speed and less on firepower to help win matches.

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WWII tanks had to halt and shoot if they planned to hit anything. They also sent them equipmeht equipment and wheeled vehicles making their armies mobile. Talk about fighting blind… Also a correction. That's not much to go by -- it was neither an early-war war beater nor has a record of being produced in tough conditions.

  • Furthermore, the slaughter of Russian armor is and isn't a myth, it once again depends on who gets the first shot, and there are plenty of cases where Russian tanks managed to wreck German tanks in plain armored warfare. The Ta is extremely similar to the tech tree Object

  • Remember me. I Vickers Medium Mk.

  • They were sometimes paired with the slower but heavily armored KV-1 tanks. Than they provided parts and gear Soviet Union couldn't produce by herself.

  • Hello John, thanks for you insight. This does come at a cost of view range and overall damage potential.

  • Germans never had any problems countering the Soviet Airforce, they simply got totally outnumbered as a result of sending their airforce to other fronts. Overall production slowed down somewhat while the new tank started its production run.

Despite high pen, top 76mm S has slow aim time, bad accuracy, and loe DPM making the 57mm a far better choice overall. It has been noted that during the Battle of the Bulge the US 1st Army's tank strength and serviceability rates both actually rose. It would be very interesting to see similar comparison for a soviet aircraft. In a long war the winner is the one who has more resources By the end ofover 57, Ts had been built: 34, original T tanks in —44, and another 22, Ts in — Kind of what happened in WWII.

Well, alright, if you prefer short comments, that's fine. Allied bombings also played a huge world of tanks t 34 best equipment to lose weight in damaging German production resulting in less armament being sent to the front. Zaloga also equippment the fact that the barrel life of the early T Urals 2A46M gun was terribly short, and it meant that Iraqi crews couldn't train very often. Michulec book is extremely biased and the way the author uses references to point out data is unacceptable. But by all means, continue to make excuses. Thirdly, some of the flaws of the T in practice during the war which have influenced are spalling, lack of radio and bad crew training. The T is a versatile tank, offering excellent firepower, decent armour and HP, and good mobility.

The T had better gun sites, radios, better turret, and thicker armor. The US failed miserably to produce a comparable tank to their German opponents do to a lack of urgency and a desire to build a tank that was superior in every respect while the troops actually doing the fighting would likely have much happier if the Sherman had merely been equipped with a better gun comparable to the British 17 pder. Secondly, when the germans launched operation barbarossa, they were fighting against an army which was very bad prepared. The Cromwell had a real Christy suspension in a very tight package sandwiched between the armoured tub and external removable plating, with all the road wheels except the centre ones having shock absorbers. For all its negatives the T carried the war to the Germans and defeated them maybe not on a one for one but that was never the Russians method of warfare so why compare them that way? All weapons systems involve compromises and while the designers of the T certainly accepted many compromises that were hard on the unfortunate crews it was hardly the only WW II armored vehicle to do so.

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I expect to lose tracks when they get shot. Their crummy motors were prone to seizure at any moment. Zaloga commented to me that he knew Michulec, but not very well.

Heres my recommendation on how 334 equip and use your T Equipment: Rammer, enhanced cabin, optics. Next time first we read the text and then we comment if we have to. It can even keep a cromwell in front of it when driving in a straight line. But this is was not a big issue with tanks where the effective communication distances were far smaller. I think the Americans call this High-Low mix.

By the time the Sherman arrived in Europe in Jun 44 the war had already been decided. At the start of Barbarossa the Germans had roughly 3. Modules Reset Configuration. Referring to arab-israeli wars, is also utterly wrong. Interesting mythbuster article.

Early precursor: The A-32

Wodld to log in. What immobilized much of the German armored forces and the Luftwaffe was the shortage of fuel. In essence, the Russian were expert during the war in the art of utilizing the best of what they had which was limited or poor for maximum effect. Only 90 Ferdinands were produced. If that is the only evidence of the "myth," there was never a myth to begin with.

They are both technically justified, for the Russian, the situation was so desperate at some parts of the war that ANY tank capable of engaging the enemy is better than none. IV ST vz. I'll add another paragraph on the problem of the internal fuel tanks at the side of the hull. The Hetzer did not suffer But Germans were far better at massing all resources at critical points, more mobile, more flexible, far better combined arms doctrine. I covered this in the comments but not in the essay.

While the German tanks were firing blindly, Kolobanov knocked out the trailing German tank, thus boxing in the entire column. Once neither side could achieve a quick victory, then it was a matter of who could outproduce who. You are there as a supporting vehicle, and you have the gun to make that role work. Hello Merovingian, I'm tempted to try that out, will cost 30 gold though, but I think I'll test it out next time when I rearrange my equipment setup.

The T was revolutionary in it's use of sloped armor. With the second turret, the T is a multi-role vehicle. Recommend vents, rammer, VStab. Did it have turrets? It was the front that 'cut' into the internal space. Once you have the upgraded suspension get the mm gun as soon as possible as the significant boost in penetration as well as damage will allow this tank to show its true colors.

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Charcharo, on 06 April - PM, said:. Factory produced a few T with increased armour in the front hull. Overall the KV-2 does what it does best which is to dish out damage.

While based on the T, the T's transmission compartment and suspension were to be rearranged, reducing the overall weight and lowering the hull. Why is that? It's effectively a highly mobile scout sniper, and despite what some might say, the mid-tier Chinese mediums are not brawlers. These were widely exported. Show poll. I am not sure what you mean by "this is not a forum". Radio Operator.

The main draw qeuipment the Object is the impressive side armor that can deflect mm and smaller guns with ease. Unlike the IS-M the Object is a stellar tier 9 tank. The sides of the panther are sloped; you can tell that just by looking at it. Missing Content : History Historical Gallery.

The armor perfromance was much worse than paper stats claimed. It is difficult to find pictures of knocked out Panthers that have not burned. My HEAT rounds have bounced off so many times on enemies that should be easy to pen - or the rounds have just been eaten by tracks, spaced armor or a black hole - that I just cannot trust them anymore. T pressed into service with the Wehrmacht. They are incapable of seeing the massive flaws and failures of the t, and that hundreds of thousands of men were killed and maimed by this death trap.

As far as T, the generic criticism centers usually either on secondary effects e. Without the "Enhanced Christi Suspension" that was in the old equipment system, I'm losing tracks way more. Apparently, the KV-1 crew had remarkably only been stunned by the shots which had entered the turret. It sounds like Shermans were a good fit for mass production, but time constraints and shortages of tools and labor force were on a whole different order in Russia, and still the Ts came rolling out in huge numbers.

The T is a Chinese tier 7 equioment tank. The ZiS-4's strength also lies in its ability to perform well both at long range, with extreme accuracy, and in close combat, with a blistering fast reload rate. To go hand in hand with one of the "myths" of the T's speed, some old M4 tank drivers said that the M4 could only hit its supposed top speed if it was going down a grade. There is also the question of standardization. In reality, however, it could achieve its maximum range merely when operating in telegraph mode, while only at a range of up to four kilometers could one count on reliable two-way telephone communications.

Time for the successive autoreloading of each shell into the magazine. German crews had a better, and weeight, training as they used more sophisticated mechanics and optics. While the Sherman had better cross country performance, the T was good enough as rails can get them into the general area and it had good enough cross country performance for critical tasks.

Le's see: Page The M26 and M46 were indeed a pose overmatch for the T, with thicker armor and heavier firepower. The Type T has very thin armor so it gets easily destroyed if caught traveling alone. Referring to arab-israeli wars, is also utterly wrong. I'll add another paragraph on the problem of the internal fuel tanks at the side of the hull. The main drawbacks are a weak lower glacis, poor gun depression, and low DPM. If ya feelin' rich grab a vertical stabalizer.

Able-bodied men best equipment seldom kept from military service unless they were very skilled trades like machinists, who were usually men too old to be subject to the draft anyway. I remember reading, when I was younger, about the battle of Kursk and how hundreds of t's were scattered across the battlefield shot out and burning. Some give Germans too much of a free pass - Panther had huge problems in Normandy. On a ranking listi would still vote the Sherman above it because of reliability. Reliable is a relative term: compared to the Tiger and Panther the T was far more reliable. As for the Battle of the Atlantic and the bomber campaign: they were not land battles, and the efficacy of the latter, particularly in the period you describe, is still a matter of debate. All of this made it possible to concentrate on production of more frontline armament since Soviets didn't need to care anymore about many goods while Germans had to provide everything by themselves and even support their allies.

On the other hand, the Lose weight tankers were very happy with their Lend-Lease Shermans. Once again, you give Russian equipment to the Germans, and they would ve done just as well or very likely better as they did. In most cases, its top speed is higher than other Tier 7 medium tanks, and it has a fairly good engine and traverse speed to keep the tank moving around the battlefield rather efficiently. However, it pays no honor to the German army to exaggerate their effectiveness beyond historical realities; especially given how poorly people understand what made the German army so effective hint: It was not their heavy tanks, "superior" equipment, or glory-hog SS units.

A landmark in tank history

I found the text interesting in some points, nevertheless, I dislike the "anger tone" used on it and in all further discussions. The armor is top notch even before you side-scrape in the Object A thing that came to mind when re-reading the review is my experience with gold ammo of T I'm not familiar with the HEAT's game mechanics but for some reason HEAT in this tank seems to be very unreliable, even so that I have almost completely stopped using them. But you have to be careful, because when someone starts to notice you, you have to retreat fast. The radio set was complicated in both its production and use.

The steel used was of just 3 different gauges to simplify production. North and South America: English. This they did, in spades. The wikipedia article you cited states this in a more exact mathematical way that I wont bother copy-pasting. Maybe the German tank-guys are "supermen". Political pressure between designers and factories producing different tanks to meet the same requirements continued much later post-war, including a period when the T, T, T, and T were in concurrent production at several factories with differing political patrons on the supreme council of the USSR. There were problems with defective armour plates, however.

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Pz III with 5cm gun had no problem with dealing with T, only 3. They would follow the los even if hey came and crapped on their lawn, so it is with t lovers. Something that could have been a very hard fight without them. This is probably one of the best description of the T I have read. The same goes with turret rings. Very interesting article.

I am amazed by how casually you mention that the T only required man-hours inless later on. The last were seen fighting in ex-Yugoslavia in Each factory produced a slightly different variant. Suggested Equipment.

Turning speed is very good. Afterwards, they were buried nearby with military honours by the German unit. The KV-2 at tier 6 does not focus on armor or mobility but rather damage dealing. I don't know what the US reports refers to. Different sources give slightly different data plus in some books they refer to vertical armor, in others at 30 degrees from vertical, sometimes the armor is face hardened, most times homogeneous etc. They do not fullfill the criteria of correct research, i.

The 76mm gun was excellent, but the strengths need to be found in more specific reports. During the Battle of France the Pak 36 had earned the nickname "Door Knocker" due to its inability to penetrate anything but the lightest tank armour, though it worked very well at announcing the presence of the gun crew. Weatherby Magnums, Remington Ultra Mag, etc. The other numbers published probably refer only to the hull. And in this sense it's a very strong contender.

Since these discussions tend weight cause emotional upstir, with vanities taking over, this can be discomfortable for certain individuals whenever pointing out the differences, perhaps due to the political incorrect nature of these statements. Extremely low ammo capacity of only 30 rounds - It is very much possible to run out of ammunition, and you're most likely going to run out of whichever ammo type you were wanting to shoot every now and then; especially towards late-game scenarios. It means that comments should be short and to the point. The word I would use to describe it now is fragile. By the way Germany started "barbarossa" oparation with tanks and Stugs, aginst 22 Soviet tanks.

If you go rushing ahead your large size allows enemies to easily pick you apart and this tank will be a very annoying grind to get through. The gun on the IS-4 does not have any real drawbacks aside from the gun depression which forces you to crest hills to shoot at most targets if you make that mistake. I just got this tank and i love it, so funny having a HT gun on medium tank xd. Oh right your armor will be slaughtered.

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Redeploying troops is not a problem, securing other areas is. The legend of the Soviet armored forces and the most widely-produced Soviet tank of World War II, with a total of 33, vehicles manufactured. Compared to the apartment like size of the Leo 2 and the M-1, the 72 was like being an egg in an eggcrate. Many crews went into combat with only their basic military training plus seventy-two hours of classroom instruction.

V-2 etc is a separate discussion. That's an opinion, and not necessarily substantiated by combat experience of the Tiger. Losses were in fact recorded differently in the German and Soviet armies. I suspect controls inside were very spartan and simple and optics will probably be very very basic Interesting that the Guards Tank divisions got the Lend-Lease Shermans and preferred them to even the updated Soviet design. Every house had aluminum utensils in that time, and during war, people were encouraged to spare some for scraps.

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By the way, I am no expert, just someone interested it tanks. Germany would not win anyway. Barring this interruption, the only changes allowed on the production lines were to make the tanks simpler and cheaper to produce. First off the 1. As for the T, without doubt, it was the best tank of the world. The bonus to crew skills is particularly noticeable when combined with Improved Ventilation. This system is used here.

According to the claims, the shot was fired at m. However fanciful it may seem, it equipment lose widely expected near the end of the war, and for many years afterwards, that the Red Army would simply sweep across the whole of Western Europe; and one wonders if, short of nuclear retaliation, there was actually anything to stop it. Too bad since most of the information is from Zaloga! They naturally suffered higher losses. Many T34 motors were made of American alluminium of which Soviet Union didnt produce much, that's why they bought so much from Germany before operation Barbarossa. It almost always has an advantage of some sort over any of its possible opponents.

Alpha damage: Very Good. Radio: 9RM — Range meters Good enough radio. Tank vs.

  • Do you understand why?

  • All three were comparable to them in every category and still combat losses were very lopsided.

  • Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. General Overview:.

  • Arguments in other posts above about turret and hull armour thicknesses considered that the hull was larger thus hit more often. They bring up some nice points on the main differences between T and Panzer 3.

Who suffered more casualties at Kursk? The T is a versatile tank, offering excellent ho, decent armour and HP, and good mobility. Suggested Equipment. You have made a very good article about the flaws of the T which clearly shows that the T was everything except perfect. All plants in USSR were following state or production standards. Three hundred? Byracki, on Nov 16 -said:.

Loses about 25 Are you serious? An existing 85 mm 3. The T posed new challenges for Soviet industry. Recon may also be used instead of Snap Shot if the emphasis is on enhancing spotting capability.

Well it seems you get your evidence from American reports. Choosing which tank line to play in World of Tanks can feel like an impossible challenge. For the Germans, covering km was nothing, but with Ts something would have been lost, something would have broken down.

  • United Kingdom. But seriously its been repeatedly shown that pilot skill is overwhelmingly the decisive factor in dogfights, but picking a fave is incredibly difficult too btw I specifically prefer the model D if the was an option id pick it too.

  • The electric engine for the turret was removed.

  • The JagdPz Hetzer was produced in as an emergency measure. Its fast rate of fire and decent penetration can easily take out enemies if you hit the right spots.

  • Of course, that was not always true.

This is an interesting piece, but rather subjectively developed. It was cheaper than Pz III with better frontal armor, much better gun, smaller profile, and destroyed Russian tanks like no other German SP fquipment, while also giving excellent support to advancing or defending German infantry. Its just that the Germans get more recognition. Finnish also compared T favourably with late Panzer-IV. In the event that the T was penetrated, the projectile was far more likely to produce catastrophic damage among the fuel and ammunition stored in such a small space. Limited rubber supplies led to the adoption of steel-rimmed road wheels, and a new clutch was added to the improved five-speed transmission and engine.

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The war wasn't fought with latter battles in the Middle East in mind, it was a desperate struggle fought in a state of near catatonic shock after the Germans reeled off astonishing victories in against unprepared Allied nations. Buy this book on Amazon! I'm not guessing, I'm actually looking at teams and keeping track. I thought it was a deathtrap! The alpha damage will rack up on your opponents this way. In any case, I read you saying one thing, and others saying the opposite. The Tier 7 T model 2 turret should be researched and mounted as soon as possible, as the upgraded armor and rounded slope of the turret will provide for some much needed defense.

Hey Christos I just want to say that this was an excellent read, thank you for taking tanis time to write it. I know it's months old, but I enjoyed the article and ensuing discussion very much. Even the Atlantic Wall drawn much of essential menpower and ressources. I will say this that in time of war you try to put out the best equipment possible in numbers like the Russians did than spending too much time on technology and end up producing lower numbers dealing with a good tank. Personally you'd think that the Allies could have landed in Normandy with a better tank than the M4 as well as Churchills and Cromwellsgiven that they must have known what was going on out east as well as their own experiences in Italy.

I learned a lot here. Kennedy summarizes the U. BT-2 Tier 2 The BT-2 is a very mobile tier 2 light that is easy to get the hang of as you move through it in a dozen or so matches. V-2 etc is a separate discussion.

The lightly armored ammo bins were not well enough protected to prevent penetration by a direct hit, but they were adequate to reduce the vulnerability of the ammunition to ignition by spall or shrapnel from a penetration. It comes from a British report: The design shows a clear-headed appreciation of the essentials of an effective tank and the requirements of war, duly adjusted to the particular characteristics of the Russian soldier, the terrain and the manufacturing facilities available. Have to remember that the cosine effect is negated when the diameter of the shell is double the real thickness of the armour. Finally, one has to specify what role the tank plays and whether we are talking about overall strategic effectiveness or tactical effectiveness n a single battle. If someone isn't angling their armor at all, you should also have some easy opportunities to shoot them as soon as they turn away their turrets - and if their turrets don't have much side armor, you can sneak a few shells into the sides of their turret as well. The main changes are improvements to the gun and a much more compact size. Next up is the SU which if you unlocked the top 85mm gun already allows you to skip to the SUM1 that leads down to the Object

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Well it seems you get your evidence from American reports. A few technical points: - One of the most important elements of the T and subsequent Soviet and Russian tanks for that matter weiht the low height of the vehicle. Otherwise you would have added to the Korean data: "This imbalance was in part due to the US tankers' practice of hitting a tank repeatedly until it burned to make certain that it was knocked out. The Tier 8 L engine carries over from the Type Uses the same 76 mm F gun as the T shielded. There is a reason people like to slag the M4. Some drivetrain shortcomings were identified and corrected.

On the whole, T was ,ose tank that allowed astounding war time production in very difficult conditions, was a monster early war in good hands, and late war had the right combination of firepower, mobility and reliability to allow USSR to punch holes in German defense at will, and to advance at rates that frankly the Western Allies could not dream of. The same goes with turret rings. That said, the Germans man for man were indeed better than their Soviet counterparts, and some studies estimate that one German soldier was the equivalent of 1. Welcome to Wargaming. The T was revolutionary in it's use of sloped armor.

Very equipmsnt article. In addition, the TK-3 was pretty bulky: It occupied a volume of around liters Makarov, p. Did the red army have a soviet tank which might have performed better during the war than the T or was it the best tank they had? The other numbers published probably refer only to the hull. No matter how good their tank is, they will lose.

However, given that tiers represent the time periods of the tanks; and that the nations are idealised and able to world of tanks t 34 best equipment to lose weight anything they like; while the T was one of the most famous tanks of World War II and the spiritual grandforefather of almost every modern MBT, there are much better competitors available. Three variants of this model were produced at several Soviet factories from through The Germans would not have defeated the allies if they had produced less tanks in favour of more artillery. The new Panther tank was the first German tank to have a fully sloped hull front and sloped sides however the armor layout did not limit interior space like in the T Weapons are rarely, if ever, perfect and most weapons systems take time to "mature" and war is ever a thief of that precious commodity.

But Zaloga makes it more than mm. Combine this with the larger mm damage gun kf the Object A and you have a hard to destroyer heavy. IS-2 Heavy Tank — While their frontal armor was sufficient to deflect anti-tank fire, German troops were able to outflank them and destroy them with explosive charges or lure them to within point-blank range of direct-fire artillery. The BL-9 is arguably the best tier 8 gun on a heavy tank. Our Panzers arealready knocked out at a range of several hundred meters.

They did the same weigjt with the Pzr IV. It was the front that 'cut' into the internal space. It boiled down to a superior General Staff and outstanding junior officer initiative. Only "Panthers", about "Tigers", and less than "King Tigers". Crew size has always been an issue with Soviet tanks, up to the latest versions of the T when automatic loaders appeared, soviet tank crews where normally 3 people overloading the tank commander with tasks.

First encounters in July proved that no German tank was able to reliably score a penetration. Scorpiany 17 Posted May 16 - Major. All tanks involve compromises, and of the two or three tanks that would be on anyone's list for "best tank of WWII" whatever "best" means to youthe T should always one of them. No need to retrain the crew at all.

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Gyro in the M4 a good tech. The following are consensus errors or inconsistencies which have been identified with the configuration of the vehicle in question and bet with information available on the public record. The T is faster, more maneuverable, has better cross-country mobility than our Pz. The KV-2 is not easy to play since you are slow, large, and fragile. MM is not rigged. Finns lost 8 StuG III in summer while that assault gun battalion had claimed of 87 destroyed or at least bandly damaged Soviet tanks. In the T front and sides were so sloped that they limited internal space considerably.

In these close quarters fights, pop in, aim a bit, fire, reverse, making GLD useless. By the end of the teh Soviets had less than tanks. Effectively, the ratio if 1. The thickness reached 75mm and mm in the driver's hatch. World of Toxic. T losses. In Kursk the Soviets did not have much experience on this type of maneouvers but still performed quite well.

Same principle as the Sherman, equipmment was more reliable. I don't know what the US reports refers to. Statistics can change with special ammo, which the Soviets did not have in large quantities if at all. Recon may also be used instead of Snap Shot if the emphasis is on enhancing spotting capability.

  • The most important part that people seem to have forgotten over the years. The top mm packs damage per shot at tier 6 but at the cost of accuracy.

  • The Panther is probably another strong contender.

  • Losing the Rammer only made my reload a fraction over 1 second slower, no massive loss there.

  • The Panzer III, like the majority of other tanks at that time, featured a 37mm canon too weak to penetrate the Ts armor at combat range. By then, the designers considered it a needless waste of space and weight.

Besst 27 October I believe you meant Ju 87? Table of Contents:. Edited by michaeltsoon, 31 July - PM. While the article makes some good points - most particularly the oft-forgotten fact that the T was not actually the most numerous tank in the Soviet tank park until before then it was the light tanks that dominated - it makes the classic mistake of thinking that WW2 tanks engaged primarily in tank vs tank combat. Weapons are rarely, if ever, perfect and most weapons systems take time to "mature" and war is ever a thief of that precious commodity.

These kind of losses would not be sustainable if the Equipmeent could concentrate all their forces in the East. If supplied with the somewhat expensive APCR rounds, it gains an overkill level of penetration and could damage said targets head-on without much difficulty. Do you understand why? Maybe not a detailed study, but it was considered a basic tenet by myself and friends. You assume the Russians place the same emphasis on comfort and survivability as the USA.

Only the poor level weihht Soviet crew training, the ineptitude of Soviet commanders, and the early distribution prevented the T from achieving greater success. In the case of the Germans world of tanks t 34 best equipment to lose weight mistakes were serious enough to cost them the war. This situation led to a program that removed the majority of the ammunition from the sponsors and placed it into lightly armored stowage bins in the floor. Finally, you save space which you can use for extra armour. But Germans were far better at massing all resources at critical points, more mobile, more flexible, far better combined arms doctrine. The bonus to crew skills is particularly noticeable when combined with Improved Ventilation. Yes, but as war progressed T received new ammunition which negated the Panzer-III improved armour.