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Super smash bros melee event 50 tips to lose weight: Super Smash Bros. Melee – Yoshi Guide

Keep your damage low since you need to last through these battles, although you have 2 lives to spare this time around.

If some links no longer work, notify me. This FAQ gives a list of the stages that originated from games where Yoshi was the main protagonist. If timed correcltly, you canjump over the sword and not have to fight Link. Though it is very powerful; can OHKO from its extremely high base knockback if landed by an edge. Meteor Survivor : Succeeded in recovering from a Meteor Attack. Star KO x : KO'd an enemy and turned him or her into a star.

  • Be careful; Samus is one of the better characters in the new remake of this game. There is a way to catch items that are thrown atyou.

  • Fall yourself and a point is subtracted. Use items whenever you can, but don't waste your time throwing them at the Emblem fighters -- they have learned to dodge or block projectiles quite well.

  • Youshould choose the level 6 as link or someone elsewith a sword. Jump off the other side of the wall to find a few more flying Koopas and Goombas across a pipe bridge.

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Just run to the edge of the stage and hang. It'll explode after a few moments, so be careful or you'll be blown away! The best way of attacking is to hit them all with a series of strong attacks, such as Bombs.

In the center of the field, for example, there are 3 yellow blocks. They all know the exact same techniques as you do, so this one may be a little tougher. TIP: Try taking them out one at a time. This move is good for several things: it clears the area around you if there are opponents to your left and right, making it a good move to defend yourself. If you don't find it that way then try try again. In the fourth shot just before it starts shooting hit the person with the scope shot.

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Skid Master Points: 1, Information: Super smash bros melee event 50 tips to lose weight a long stun-slide distance 9 or more feet in 1 minute in battle. He's really fast and has powerful attacks, so you have to be just as good to win! And you thought you'd seen it all… It's time to fight off against the right and left Master Hand, each with HP. You must kill them more than they kill you though. Pikachu is equally weak, but you might want to stick to fighting him while standing underneath one of the platforms to avoid getting zapped from above. Just stay alive and keep killing these guys until you wipe out them all, and victory will be yours. Target 7: Get back to the starting platform and drop down the right side of it, and hit the target in the air on the way down.

Melee weight values 4 Super Smash Bros. This forth All-Star Match brings out an interesting cast of characters -- all secret. Nonetheless, it's another great stage for those who played this game back then, or just want to relive the NES days somewhat. Josh G joshdrmr at yahoo.

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Other than that, there is no sure-fire technique here. Myke No1ColFan at aol. More than anything, this event is about trying to stay on top of the skyscrapers. In Ultimateweight is a factor in determining how much a character can be pushed by an opponent running into them, and how far they will push other opponents.

Dedicated Specialist Points: 3, Information: Use only one kind of special move to attack the enemy. Please note that there may be auper trophies available in the future, unlocked by certain game saves like the Pikmin trophy ; please update me on new LEGIT trophies that come along. You have to defeat Captain Falcon in less than 7 seconds. Roy will challenge you; defeat him and you can play as him. When you attack, you become visible for a moment, though. Target 2: Jump to the ledge to the right, and hit the target moving up and down.

Created by: H. That's about all I need to tell you about in Event Mode. First, pick which one you want to do, small or giant. You got the Mario and Yoshi trophy! Use slightly different tactics based on the ability the Kirby has. Trophy You have over 50 trophies! Use the following trick to find out inwhich stage you are going to fight in.

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I have owned euper game for 2 weeks and ihave all chars. The Questions section should take care of anything that isn't already answered in the guide. Simply go for one opponent more than the other, and take it out, so all you have to worry about is one lonely foe. The forcefield only has a limited amount of time it can stay on the field.

  • Defeat him quickly,then finish Adventure Mode. When it does, finish it off with a good Yoshi Bomb.

  • Character: Yoshi Information: This even is probably one of the tougher ones you have to go through so far. Both of you have 3 lives to use in this fight at the Great Bay.

  • Then hit all the targetsagain. Secret levels and other stuff.

  • Character: Mario Information: Like the description says, Bowser is after Peach yet again, and it's up to you Mario to save her! Character: Any Information: It's a one-on-one battle with you against a giant-size Yoshi!

Josh G joshdrmr at yahoo. Trophies The easiest one is to let Bowser and Falcon square off and hope that Weightt gets knocked out -- at which point you jump in and give Bowser his deserved thrashing. Watch out for interactive stage elements like the oil slick or falling objects. Target 6: Either head all the way left or shoot a fireball to hit the next target. Once the stage starts to scroll, you'll have to be a little more careful.

You can even pull an air swipe juggle move up and A on him here. And as a quick note: I am very well aware of how to unlock each character, according to all the codes posted on the WWW. Mycologist Points: 2, Information: Pick up 3 or more Mushroom items in battle. Get close to an opponent and perform this down and B smash move to send the puffballs flying. There are also plenty of items here that come in handy. Target 9: Jump up and hit the following target. Description: The system that started a worldwide boom lives on!

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Target 9: There is a target in this area that ssmash from place to place randomly. Event Trophy Tussle 2 Description: Another match for a prize If you wish to acquire permission, feel free to email me see the section below ; permission may or may not granted at my discretion. Contents 1 Overview 2 Super Smash Bros. The prize this time: Goomba!

  • A quick palm strike that shocks enemies on contact. This provides for a quicker kill.

  • Try to smash them off to the right. Put your back against a wall whenever you can and keep on batting at your opponents.

  • Remember, not all walls work. Defeat him and you got 'em.

  • Super Smash Brothers gave Yoshi the chance to prove that looks can be deceiving, especially in the hands of a Master. This will require quite a bit of patience, and skill to do.

  • This is equally simple as Bowser will ignore you and try to knock off Peach.

  • He will crouch down and suddenly stand up.

Description: The system that started a worldwide boom lives on! Then, double jump to the right and land on the moving platform below. Hopefully the egg thrown will be directed to hit the target. While Falcon won't attack you, he is actually a much bigger obstacle than Bowser since you will only win this battle if you yourself knocked Bowser out.

Just keep attacking Bowser yourself and keeping Falcon from even touching him, and you should have it if you defeat Bowser. This can be tough, since the Yoshi is extremely large weifht you can't really avoid many of its attacks. You can even pull an air swipe juggle move up and A on him here. Target 8: Double jump up and right to the red maze-like area. Cement Shoes Points: 4, Information: Never jump at all during the battle. Although aerial attacks work well in this battle as all three opponents tend to stick together, you might want to try your luck with Jigglypuff once again. He is quick, however, so be cautious and attack often with strong attacks in order to win.

Poser Points: 2, Information: Use your character's taunt often in battle at least 6 times within 1 weigth. Event 6: Kirbys on Parade Description: Look out! Other than that, you can take in the nice scenery here and not much more. Target 9: Jump out of this little area and hit the target on the other side of the right wall. Since the Arwings can easily hit Jigglypuff when she's in the air, try to knock her to the side or down only.

This is difficult to accomplish for one reason; only one move can by used, but it's extremely hard to land all the hits. When this happens, use your jumping ability to get away from them as much as possible, and Captain Falcon takes on damage due to his heavier weight. Run up to it, and attack it with any quick attack desired. Created by: chocky.

  • Ok, moving on! Straight Shooter : Used only shooting items three or more.

  • Your attacks become stronger, and you can move faster in this state. Target 5: Jump onto the right edge of that U-shaped alcove you were just in, then double jump and hit the target.

  • That's about a cent per bout! Pikachu Attacks.

  • Merciful Master Points: 3, Information: Win the battle without actually defeating an enemy.

Use items whenever you can, but don't waste your time throwing them at the Emblem fighters -- they have learned to dodge or block projectiles quite well. Use suler B move to shoot a thunder ball right at the target. Target 6: Double jump upward onto the white platform when it comes by, and when you get to the right wall, drop through it and hit the target on the way down. Saturn at an opponent to cause some damage, too. Beat them all to win this event. Falcon and Falco join forces to take out Fox! For the Special Smash gravity condition, see Special gravity.

It is by far the most powerful tilt in the game, and can KO mellee earlier than the Warlock Punchbut its small hitbox and long start-up makes it very difficult to land outside of punishment. EASY 1. Use this time to charge up a smash move, or just hit him around a few times. You have to play a total of 20 hours. Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password? Created by: Sycho puffs This FAQ will give you basic background information on the character Yoshi.

When you get mewtwobeat the targets with him and you have mr gameand watch. Version History was updated, and Section 11 was completed. After that it will say "New Challenger Approaching!

Quadruple KO x : KO'd four enemies at once. If you have good timing and you are the swordsman you can make contact and WAMO that vegi's gone! Overall, Ganondorf is a powerhouse; with some of fips strongest moves in the game, he can easily KO the entire Melee cast at significantly lower percentages than most other characters can achieve. This is difficult to accomplish for one reason; only one move can by used, but it's extremely hard to land all the hits. Event match 51 is very tough. Master of Suspense : Surprised the crowd a lot three or more times in 1 minute. You should see a pipe.

Saturn Fan : Only item used was Mr. Evejt core of Ganondorf's combos lie in his grab game; despite a rather poor grab range, his throws have immense versatility, and his up and down throws are excellent launchers, as well as effective chain-grabs. It's also a quick move, so if you have a good opponent, this would be best to counter their attacks. His up special, Dark Diveis also unable to attack opponents hanging from an edge. Then go down the list and you should hear Chinese cheers. Fight over multi-player matches to unlock the Big Blue stage.

What you do is jump at the wall you want to jump off of. Triple KO tipx : KO'd three enemies at once. Prince Marth:How To handle like a master. Just used when needed, and you'll be fine from that point pretty much. I'd still like to give her a very late "thank you," though, so here it is! Then, do it again.

Youshould choose the level 6 as link or someone elsewith a sword. Found in the Icicle Mountain segment of Adventure Mode. If you use them up too early, you'll be in a lot of trouble. He'll surely be defeated.

Has the exact amount of frames as Captain Falcon's back aerial, but unlike his, it hits with the same power throughout the entirety of the attack. I finished half before finding out about Brawl, so I figured it would be best to finish. Take a good look at the scenery, then continue on to Stage 2. The Mr. Using them will ease your victory, so you can put them to good use, though you can pretty much take them out without them. Slowly walk into a battle area and if you see the Triforce, either back out or jump across the room using the platforms to avoid ending the stage early. For a gallery of Ganondorf's hitboxes, see here.

You will throw the opponent in the air and they should lose a life. This move is great on opponents who have taken a high amount of damage, or who are also trying to come right towards you. You should kick the sword out of their hands and catch it for yourself. Set it so that there is no time. I recommend doing it on wii if you have it.

This battle tests Yoshi's paternal instincts as he smasn to defend a Yoshi egg from getting broken by the evil mammals Donkey Kong, Pikachu and Fox. Watch out when going low like that, or on the edges, because you can fall if you're not careful! Simply run from Pokeball to Pokeball and toss them at Pikachu. Elbow Room Points: 2, Information: Bump into or push the enemies alot during the battle.

Move Supper 7. If near an edge, even if an opponent avoids the second kick, the base knockback of the first kick can set up an early edgeguard opportunity. What does Yoshi like? First, pick which one you want to do, small or giant. And inthe next stage you'll fight Luigi instead ofMario, but you have to defeat Luigi and Peach inunder a minute.

The HP range from to based on the difficulty you selected before beginning the Classic Mode. Successfully complete All-Star mode to unlock the Battlefield stage. Then Luigiwill appear in the next match, instead of Mario. Secondly, i'd like to give credit to the Super Smash Brothers: Melee Instruction Booklet, which came with the game itself. Basically, the following things will be given: - How to unlock all characters - How to unlock all stages - Misc. When an opponent gets too close, you can easily send them off the edge with this move. Super Smash Brothers Melee

The one weakness that all metal characters share is that once thrown off the stage they have a hard time getting back up. Target 9: Double jump up and left from 8 and hit this target as well. You must beat Ganondorf twice since he has 2 lives, but that isn't exactly an easy task. Target 4: Face the left and hold B to pull your Bow all the way back. Try to get into a rhythm of knocking Link off to the left. Play Time totalor play matches without quitting in that mode.

First Strike : Delivered first blow of match. That way you won't have to look through the pages once this thread gets a lot of pages and will be able to be viewed on the first page in case you forget. Also, I forgot to mention in my earlier post: the music will change on its own from time to time. Most of the techniques listed are the techniques he uses.

Watch your timer. Character: Any Information: It's a one-on-one battle with you against a giant-size Yoshi! Target 6: Double jump to the left, then jump up the 3 moving gray platforms to reach the top of that wall. Target 5: Jump and teleport twice to the right in the air to get onto the small ledge above the sloped ones. Target 4: Jump through the hole between the next set of dangerous walls, then fly up and left and hit that target.

Rocket Dive: The hand will take off like a lose weight, then come flying at you from the background. Fists of Fury Points: 2, Information: Whenever you grab an enemy, always hold and punch them; never throw them in the battle. At least it's a big target for you, so use lots of Smash hits to try and knock the giant Yoshi off the ledge and into the water to kill it. Event Cold Armor Description: These metal bounty hunters take no prisoners! Stand on the small raft with the owl statue on it and smash Link to the left. You can play against 10 or opponents, fight for 3 or 15 minutes, fight until you die, or fight only the toughest enemies without the aid of items!

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The best way of attacking is to hit them all with a series of strong attacks, such as Bombs. Since this level's like that, I'll just let you do what you will and come up with your own patterns of getting them all quickly! Each time you're attacked while the shield is up, it gets smaller; if it gets too small it'll shatter, leaving you stunned for several moments!

Target 9: Get back up to where you were before weighht at 8, then continue upward to the last small ledge before the top. The average weight value for all fighters except Miis is rounded down to Flower Finish Points: 1, Information: The match ends while you have a flower on your head from the Lip's Stick item. You can easily prevent this. Throw the bomb to the left so it goes over the Flipper and hits the target. Please do not rip me off, as that is blatant plagiarism and such will not be tolerated. Last Edited: 26 Sep am.

There are essentially two ways to finish this level. Finally, certain weight-based throws have hitboxes that appear for very short lengths of time, and if the target is very light, the animation may progress so quickly that the hitbox appears and vanishes in less than a frame without hitting — this causes the lightest characters to take less damage, notably with Bowser 's down throw in NTSC Melee and Link 's down throw in Brawlboth of which miss their pre-throw hit on Jigglypuff and Mr. Drop down to the bottom ledge and hit it when it appears shouldn't be much of a wait. Target 5: Run to the left along the bottom area, and hit another target along the way. Melee Records Here, you can view the records in this game, including matches played in VS. Use PK Thunder and shoot it upward to hit the target in the air. YES NO.

Or, if you want to be super cheesy, simply pick Captain Falcon yourself and hit B. Target 5: Go left and jump onto the red ledge. Roll out of the way. Credits Training As the mode's name implies, this is training mode.

  • Continue to your right, kill 2 more Goombas, and jump over the small hill.

  • Target 4: After landing on the slow-moving platform below, fly to the ledge to the left, then fly up into a narrow alcove and hit this target.

  • When cars are coming, you'll see a red exclamation point, with a warning sound. If you really think you're good, try the Cruel Melee!

  • Double jump, then teleport upward through the thin platform. Interestingly, this match is actually far easier than it may first appear.

  • Event 2: Lord of the Jungle Description: A duel of epic proportions! Juggler Points: 1, Information: Attack an enemy many times while keeping them in the air.

Pick your strongest character and use everything you have learned in the past matches to make it through this long battle. Bowser is trying to take out Peach and you slip into the role of Mario to make sure that he doesn't get away with it. Target 5: Double jump up and right onto the ledge, then double jump again to the right. Team up with Zelda and fight evil! Character: Any Information: It's a one-on-one battle with you against a giant-size Yoshi! Bird of Prey Points: 4, Information: Use only air attacks to attack enemies. Falcon in less than seven seconds!

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You can also press left or right to aim your attack to the sides, but watch out that wsight don't fly off the ship entirely or land on the fuselage which costs you valuable time. This battle is different every time as you fight three random opponents, with two lives each. I like Mewtwo since he's quick, and his stun and Confusion moves are really helpful to keep things going. Target 4: Head left and avoid the flipper, then double jump and hit the one in the air as well. CyricZ cyricz42 at yahoo. Each player has two lives and the battle lasts a maximum of 3 minutes. Use items whenever you can, but don't waste your time throwing them at the Emblem fighters -- they have learned to dodge or block projectiles quite well.

Held - Shield. Keep doing that untill he dies. In both games, Yoshi is a fast and heavy character with a unique playstyle and strong jumping ability. Grab the bat.

You can counter this with spin or two-sided moves or put your back against a wall, but most importantly, tipe smash moves when your opponents are damaged. Target 3: Same as 2. They have unlimited lives, as do you, so you must beat them more than they beat you within 2 minutes in order to win this event. Version 1. Climactic Clash Points: x1, Information: Attack the enemy with progressively stronger attacks until you defeat them.

The KO distance from the edges of this stage is very short so knock him out by repeatedly smashing him off to the right or left. At the right side, there are rocks you can land on if you get knocked off the edge of the platform. Hammer: Another of the better items from the original game is back again! KO Artist Points: 3, Information: Kill a lot of opponents in battle more than 3 and twice the amount the person in 2nd place killed; multi-player only.

  • To get the Captain Olimar trophy save a game of Pikmin on the same memory card as Super Smash Brothers Melee when you start the game it will say you got the Captain Olimar trophy! Item Specialist : Hit only with item attacks.

  • Since this level's like that, I'll just let you do what you will and come up with your own patterns of getting them all quickly!

  • A few of Ganondorf's moves also have different knockback angles, usually toward vertically rather than horizontally.

  • When it shows three opponents, you will be in the stage of the opponent in the middle. Enviromental Hazard : Got KO'd by a part of the stage enviroment.

  • Be careful not to get stuck too high or low, or else you may lose! Double jump when underneath one of the targets it passes under and hit it.

Then the Star Fox team will either help you by giving you useless advice or tell you to watchout for an enemy attack. It's also slightly stronger than the Left and Right Kicks, so if you want to use a quick move that not only delivers good damage, but is also fast, I'd recommend you use this move. Unlike Raptor Boostthis move does not meteor smash opponents when used in the air. Despite Ganondorf's extreme power, he does not suffer from poor combo ability due to the knockback in his attacks like Bowser, as he manages to retain some of the excellent combo ability from his clone. Can't you just hold A before starting the match to transform into Sheik. Many people think Jigglypuff is just a punching bag but so far i've only beaten my master ahem cousin with Jigglypuff.

Pick the fighter of your choice and the cpu's. Thread starter Jazzy Jinx Start date Jan 15, Created by: nintendo wizard. Just choose Zelda for your character, and when you choose an arena, press and hold the 'A' button.

What are Yoshi's Special Powers? Then you will have to battle him. Another throw well-suited for juggling. Created by: wazzzzz up.

Roll out of the way or jump to avoid it. Here's your shot at Majora's Mask. Climb aboard and hang on! When the metal foes drop down on you, perform up, left, right, and down smash moves to send them into the abyss below.

To beat Crazy hand and Master hand you need to select bowser from the character screen. Melee, Yoshi's Japanese Trophy directly states that "there are no males or females", meaning that Yoshi's species is asexual. She'll either lose, or fall into the strange yellow liquid at the bottom. Every one knows that DK is good at this. Crowd Favorite : Audience cheered for a player. Respawn Smash Journeyman.

Event Trophy Tussle 2 Description: Another match for a prize Sign up ebent free! Fire Slam: The hand slams down on the stage. Star KO Points: x Information: Each time you knock an enemy out of the arena, they turn into a star out in the background. All-Star Mode: Here, you fight every single character all 25 of them, including secret ones.

Crowd Favorite : Audience cheered for a player. The other 5 paths lead to Links. They come in a variety lse colors and have evolved an interesting trait to help increase their numbers: they can transform anything they swallow into an egg. I used those for little tips here and there, and I used the Yoshi article to make up most of the facts on Yoshi in section 4. Streams Multi-Viewer Games. Super Smash Brothers Melee

Get close to an opponent and perform this down and B smash move to send the puffballs flying. Target 4: Drop down again and go right, hitting another target. Forgot your username or password? Peaceful Warrior Points: 5, Information: Never attack in battle, but do not lose the battle, either.

This can also be done in the air. Not even DK worked! Up - Jump.

  • You've foughtVs mode matches! There's 6 different paths, with only one leading to the finish, a levitating Tri-Force symbol.

  • Giant Kirby only appears if you escaped Brinstar at the end; if not, the Team Kirby is the last battle here.

  • It has extremely long start-up, being the slowest move in the game with a total of 81 frames. Created by: Zero X.

  • If you kill her when she's Zelda, it doesn't count.

Let's get started! Trophies Guide. When youstart the Battle you go to any edge of the stage,inhale the enemy weught the fall off the stage. Saturn Fan : Only item used was Mr. However, do NOT use this move against an experienced player, because they most likely know how to free themselves quicker than usual. Jump and throw the bat up 3.

Once a bonus is received for the first time it is added to a snash that can be viewed in the Data section. This is especially brutal on the Very Hard level. But, seriously, this place is your only Safety Zone. When at either end of the stage, use Yoshi's Egg Lay to throw him off the stage. In Melee - Powerful, Charged Attack. The gateway to Final Destination has now been opened! Begin the game and a Wave Race: Blue Storm trophy will be available.

Since weght stage is rather narrow, you can easily defeat your enemies by standing in the middle on top of the Goomba's head and performing upwards "juggle" attacks. Event Birds of Prey Description: Capt. Quickly pick up every last Warp Star and hope you hit all the Kirbys before time's up, or else you'll lose! Stadium Here, you can play any of the mini-games that this game has to offer! Look for the blue light rings around the hand that indicate this move is coming.

They do not attack at all. Your guide to 1 player. Continue down the road, getting onto those pink platforms if necessary, until you find the red and green finish line to complete the stage. Double KO x : KO'd two enemies at once. Check out smashing sounds!

First, grab one of the many fans that land on the stage. Aerialist Points: 2, Information: Do not jump directly from the ground jump only when you're hit into the air. You fight the same enemies in each specific level, but there's no real need for me to tell you how to fight some enemies. You all have 2 lives each, so fight them all as you would with any multi-opponent battle and you should be just fine.

Keep me logged in on this device. Team up with Zelda and fight evil! However, since weight affects high knockback values more than low ones, this advantage smasb less significant compared to the disadvantage of being easier to KO; the size of a character's hurtboxesas well as their falling speed and gravity prior to Ultimate and especially in Meleehave a larger impact than weight on how vulnerable a character is to combos. Dedicated Specialist Points: 3, Information: Use only one kind of special move to attack the enemy.

  • Have one remote on the 3rd player slot and then hold Tk and B at the same time than let go of A for exactly one second then press and hold A again and you will be in the stage choosing place. Wimpy KO x : KO'd a foe with a weak attack.

  • If you have plenty of time wait till the stage stops scrolling, then go after Bobo and smash him off to the right or the left.

  • He will first spin degrees, whipping opponents to just one of his sides first. I have had experience - I used to use the control stick to jump, and the control stick broke.

  • Nonetheless, it's another great stage for those who played this game back then, or just want to relive the NES days somewhat. Drop down to the platform to the right, and fall through the hole between the 2 platforms onto a small block.

Target suer Jump left onto the ledge in the middle of the wall, then stand at the leftmost edge. If anyone touches it, it'll explode and cause lots of damage to whoever hit it! King Dedede. The stage is completely flat and Peach will walk from the left to the right and back.

Go to Home run contest and pick any person fox is the best pick up the super smash bros melee event 50 tips to lose weight and go behind the sandbag and make damage with the B button and before time runs out hit him the wrong way he will bounce off the wall and win he lands his face will be gone. First off, not all walls work with this, andonly certain characters are good at it, namelyLink, Marth, C. When in her Shiek stage, use as many quick attacks as you can before finishing her off with a good Noggin' Floggin, or Double Tail Whip. To defeat enemies in creul melee my personal favorite is Roy. If he hasn't lost already, charge a Smash attack to finish him off.

Luckily, there are no real hazards here, but I do recommend you be careful when standing on the blocks in the ground in the middle of the area. Just use lots of strong hits to knock one of them out, then the other. Character: Any Information: It's a one-on-one battle with you against a giant-size Yoshi! Like in the original Trophy Tussle, you will do battle on top of a trophy, this time, Pokemon Entei. If done right, you'll shoot through the slot between the 2 Flippers and hit the target.

The stage may be moving slowly at the beginning, but after awhile, it begins to speed up. You finally get to rest You've cleared Classic mode on Very Hard with a stock of one! Navigation Main page Smash Bros.

Loe the Egg Throw, or jump and attack it with an aerial attack to get it quick and efficiently. You've encountered Celebi for the first time! This move can also be used when Yoshi's backside is facing the edge of a cliff. It would also not be good to start off a match because the opponents will hardly budge at all. Moment of Silence : Took no damage for 1 minute no overlap with Impervious.

  • This is a very neat trick.

  • Super Smash Bros.

  • Hit one of the more damaged opponents off these pipes, and they'll pretty much be goners. In her Zelda stage, attack her with a few powerful moves, being sure to use quick moves as well.

  • Pikachu is equally weak, but you might want to stick to fighting him while standing underneath one of the platforms to avoid getting zapped from above.

  • Target 9: On the way down after hitting 8, hit this one at the bottom.

  • Event Super Mario Bros. Stale Moves Points: -2, Information Use too many of the same attacks in battle.

Use a laser shot or a quick kick to make sure they don't hop back on. Target 2: Go back to the starting platform and double jump up to the orange platform, then hit the target to the left. Ultimate weight values 6. According to the game, weight is the base factor in determining how many powers can be equipped in Smash Run. Young Link is a bit more nimble than his seven years older counterpart, but his attacks also don't cause as much damage. Character: Any Information: In this bomb-filled madness, you fight against two bomb- dropping players Samus and Link atop the Mushroom Castle. Target 4: Land on the upper platform by holding Right after hitting the previous target, then drop down and hit this one.

A blast from the past! Trust me, itworked for me. Created by: DekuFlaid. The Flutter Kick would last longer here, since you are suspended in the air more. Then shoot all the staff and signcredits.