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After Didario makes his second move he should be in range.

So far, I only have data on tactics ogre ps1 tips to lose weight route I took. Like knowing if you should keep your regular gear on or swap to Baldur while diving into the Palace of the Dead, to exploit Baldur doing heavy damage to the undead. Along with this dark and stirring track is a note from Masaharu Iwata that he conceived on this theme during a stressful night in the bathroom. Like Like. If you can get one, they make fairly good fighters at any time in the game. Archer x3 H.

  • Have Canopus, Xapan, and whatever other units have Finishers do this while the other units should focus their attacks on Gatialo. If you have well trained Dragoons or have some Bersekers with Sanguine Assault then this should be done in a snap.

  • For your life, stick together. You should be able to kill her before her third move.

  • Class: Lizard Man Magic: None. Try to keep your HP up during this battle; you'll need it for the next one.

  • Cancel X. These strong spells, then, aren't really what you're looking for.

  • Where once every character could counter any direct physical attack, now counter-attack has to be learned and assigned as a specific skill.

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Story Update: While you fight, Leonard kills Duke Ronway in his chambers- and then comes out tactica frame and kill Denim, not neccecarially in that order. Cancel X. While their power is much lower, and the primary longbow class is much weaker, I would hesitate to call it a complete nerf.

Krysaro Condition s : Kill Moldova. You can also get it from the Hanging Garden's "Enraptured Dreams" name may have changed. Lans spares Vice while the Liberation Army heads for Amorika. Like all other magic users, they have no preferred weapon, but you should probably equip them with Staffs to raise their magic power. Berserker, Z. At chapter 4, Denam gains a new white outfit.

Archer x3 H. This doesn't happen very often, but you should be aware of it. Choice 2 won't. As soon as you move in any direction in the World Map, a battle will trigger.

You'll have to bring a lot of hurt on him quickly so he can't be healed. Do it lsoe, as it may be required to unlock Hell Gate later. User Info: Weight SkyHeaven 10 years ago 10 not sure about that, but I think if you hit tree and other obstacle that only get dmg you can raise your TP faster and get exp for your weapon. To be honest it's also a lot more entertaining smashing reinforcements to bits over and over again. It's not necessary to Vitalize or even save them, but it's a nice thing to do. Most of these tips are pretty specific, like in the "this is how I think you should play" way, instead of being broad advice that any player could incorporate into their playstyle.

Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together

Magic units have a high resistance to magic attacks hence they'll take less damage from his jutsu. The enemies don't deal that much damage but they have a decent amount of defense and will take time to defeat. One could argue that historically daggers were primarily kept as a means to finish off downed opponents, and it would have been a nice touch if they did a ton of bonus damage against stunned or sleeping targets, but they used to just carve through armor like butter.

Just like in Final Fantasy Tacticsthere is a three turn count to raise them before they pass away. Furthermore, they reduce the attack power of enemies within three squares of them. I recommend that you keep Canopus with a bow weapon for utility's sake. Yellow Bingham W. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here

Be warned though that this may detract from the enjoyment of this game's challenge. That's sick. All eight enemies also have high defense, so don't expect a two or even a three hit kill. You want Haborym's first move to be north two squares to kill a Ninja with one blow. Claw Drops user's HP dramatically.

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User Info: Lantisu Lantisu 10 years ago 5 - Most wright can be more easily won if you let the enemy come to you. Bring along someone with one of the multi- hit attack spells e. His Cleric has Wing Boots, so you might want to kill her if you have the chance.

  • Archer x2 W.

  • To make this work, put one arrow into that Ninja if the Ninja counterattacks on Haborym, this one's as good as lost. There's not much to this battle.

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  • Class: Skeleton Magic: None.

You hope to free it before the Walsta Liberation Army, weakening their position. This is entwined with the statistical properties of units. Taking this in consideration, I suggest you change Denam into a melee class so he can adequantely survive nearby foes. They can be modified into a Bastard Sword, creating a sort of diet 2H sword that uses the 1h Finisher set. Now, characters may be killed off, but there are several chances to save them beforehand. Highlight to View The choice you have here is pretty important. This is a rather easy battle, as long as you keep track of the Wizard.

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Heal up as best you can and zero in on the leader, who will zip into range obligingly. Canopus and one or two other long-range attackers can mop up the Wizards. Olivia or Orias chapter 3N should be your Priest most of the time. Don't forget to learn Thrown, Subdue, and Tame too. I started Denam with The house east of your start position has two one- panel wide routes around it.

When you go into battle, immediately stop and look at the enemies' guardian elements. Killing the Dragon first is probably a good idea, and since you're actually capable of killing all the enemies for a change, you should do so tactics ogre ps1 tips to lose weight the experience. Tanmas Hill Enemies: Ganb Beast TamerGryphon 2Cockitraice 2 Guests: None Treasure: None This is a fairly simple battle- if you're fast enough, you can finish it before Ganb and his ever-increasing number of pets get to move simply by having your archers and spell-casters move in and attack him quickly. I personally don't like Undead, since they're hard to recruit and tend to "die" rather quickly, but this is the basic fighting Undead class. If you have a couple Gryphons in your party, you may consider trying to use thier WindShot ability to dispatch him quickly. Warrior x2 P.

Their defense isn't all that good, but they also often carry bows to make up for it. If this is the case then just use the same strategy you used against Arycelle before. Create your website with WordPress. Grab a Cleric. I'm not sure exactly how attacking groups works; it appears that you may only get the expirience from attacking the strongest enemy in the group.

Ninja Ignores enemy defense! They suck, however, at shooting uphill even a few levels- crossbows can perform that task well. Amass your troops six squares south of the leader. Sign up for free!

I don't know what makes him choose either way, but if he goes the wrong way you'll have to hit Dasa with every ranged weapon you've got and there will be a lot of in- battle saving and loading to ensure enemy misses. They'll put the enemy forces at a higher level than you want. Unfortunately, he's too slow to ever be useful. Note that regular bows often hit well outside the shown range, especially if you have a height advantage. I like this battle better because the Shield can replace anyone's shield, but the Pendant can only replace Denim's or an Orb. Only train one new class at a time, as it's much easier.

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Worse, the p1 who torched your town years ago are headed your way and the only help you have are your sister and best friend…. You may have to kill the Wizard, but that's rather easy if you have an archer standing on the nice, high structure near the upper bridge. Unique items are intentionally not covered to avoid spoilers. Almorica Passageway 2 Condition s : Kill Leonar. Yellow Brezen Berserker H.

In fact, they are a pretty decent weapon at that, coming out just at the bottom end of 2h weapon power, which is still significant. Their Healing spells are very important, as most characters don't have room to haul around even one item, let alone multiple items, or the time to use those items. Once you finish the game, you gain access to the World Tarot, which allows you to travel time forward and backward, jumping to Anchor Points while you keep your gear and roster. Mount Weobry Condition s : Kill all. Access the Warren Report and scroll down to the "Talk" option.

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Their finishers are far more versatile now, starting with a silencing 2-range stab, going to a Speed Reduction wind strike at range This used to be 1 tile. You are given the choice to save her I have never tried answering "no" here, but I strongly suspect that it's a Communist Choice. This means positioning and formation are not as critical — as one can use hit-and-run tactics to circle around powerful foes.

Focus on the spear holders first, and bring along healers aplenty tl isn't overkill because a lot of magical hurt will be brought down on you. Bring a Dragoon if you have one and he'll carve 'em up real good. User Info: Lantisu Huge height advantage. Starion works best if you have it, but have someone take out the zombie Archer to the north because she'll shoot at you before you can use the spell. Don't worry, this is the last yawner for a while.

You ps1 tips have to get her HP low, but zero works she won't die. Make sure your first Exorcism takes out the Ghost and its magic, then you're in the clear. You don't need the RimFire to do the Gunner quest, but if you want more than one or two Gunners you should get it. When Oz finally gets in range he'll use Charm, so spread out. I like waiting until the Templars have made their second move and stand right in front of your line Denim should retreat, of coursethen having Haborym use Petrify to get all three. By now Zapan should be close enough to crush, so bring in overpowering numbers.

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Up through B25 is even better. Just stay off the ash. Make sure you don't let a wounded Wizard attack- he'll use Pain, which causes big damage.

Big surprise. The Golem is actually not that strong- anyone with decent attack power should be able to do serious damage to it. Be forewarned that they are not very powerful when you first get them, so I suggest having them sit out a couple battles until their intelligence raises to the point where useful. Purple Arycelle Archer H. Golborza Plain Condition s : Kill Brezen. Reflecting that gamers may be ready for a story that tackles the atrocities of war intimately, he set upon his creation of the darkest narrative in the Ogre Battle Sagafocusing on the subjects of ethnic nationalism, war crime and political liberation. Qadriga Fortress Condition s : Kill Nybeth.

Kadoriga, and you'll find yourself challenged by Erig tk Exorcist. Forgot your username or password? Keep them 14 or 15 levels ahead of your real army so you'll initially want them at Lv You'll still have to fight through five units to get to the Siren, making sure that your HP are okay for the next fight.

Two characters of similar level fighting generally results in one dying and the other being wounded to the point where one tqctics the dead character's companions comes up and finishes the attacker. Story Update: After a talk with Moruba, Denim decided to fake a troop movment elsewhere so that he can save Kachua from Lans. Clerics should go on the high-level team Just because they can't kill anyone doesn't mean they can't get EXP from healing higher-level characters. Personally I wonder if someone just tweaked it in there one day, because suspiciously almost all the weapons that benefit from this bonus are from the Eastern category.

  • Regardless of your path, Kachua is installed as the ruler of Valeria by the Dark Knights. Although her statistics are a little low, she can use any magic spell including Dragon Magic and normally restricted spells like Necro and Revivify.

  • If you answer "I can't go back," it's on to 3C.

  • She is not recognized, however, by the Walsta Liberation Army now led by Denimbut there is dissension in the ranks as a religious group takes prisoners and demands that the Liberation Army surrender to Bacrum.

  • A little bonus here is the Fire Sword you'll get if you kill the Sword Master.

Either way, the rest of this chapter plays out the same and you go on to chapter 3L. Accept her and you get all three of them. Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password? Both paths will give you the Byan-friendly Gnome Spell. Guildus will yield his powerful two-handed Isleberg sword upon dying again, and Nybbas who dies real easy once you get close to him will turn into a Lich and escape, promising that you'll meet him again see Hell Gate in "Chapter Four Extras". It took me a while to figure this out

I just saw what had to be done and did it! Don't bother with it. User Info: illbzo1. This combined with knockback iv means frontline enemies can't touch you. Deal with them, heal any damage done, and wait for the next victims. This one looks simple until you scroll west and see three Archers way up there.

Canopus and some magic do the job well. For heaven's sake, don't sit there and watch tactics ogre ps1 tips to lose weight fight. Neither is easy though south seems to be less of a painand both have lots of cool stuff that's a real pain to get. Okay, Sisteena has it kinda rough in this one, and it'll take a little luck for her to make it. Mutsua will run away then summon a steady stream of skeletons to sabotage your skillfully sculpted strategy. You have a huge height advantage, so use it.

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He'll tell you to bring the girls to Banhamuba, where you'll be given the option of turning each of them into a Shaman. General Information Topic. Without it you'll want to wait and fill your MP the enemy won't do anything until you get close. Go there. Wait and he'll move right up close, where you can smash him.

Taking advantage of the power vacuum, Hierophant Barbatos proclaims the independence of the Kingdom of Gargastan. Story Update: Lans, who is not the Dark Knight Lans but a Paladin exiled from neighboring Zenobia, is nice enough not to have his troop whup your asses and instead joins you to rescue the captive Duke Ronway. While they may plink off of armor now, plus are much slower to use, they still do very high damage against squishies, and also have incredibly high range. Well, the item lists are completed, the class lists are pretty much completed I may later go into more detail on the specific classes. Additionally, during raids on fortresses, health recovers completely between fights.

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Finally, he sends Denim to carry the letter to Fiduc The s and beyond have seen a surge in reboots, remakes and re-imaginings across popular media. They were one of the best armor piercing weapons, especially rifles, as it should be. He's a very tough opponent, and strategies for defeating him are covered in more detail in the walkthrough. This battle isn't all that hard, but it may take a while to finish. Berserker Dragoons. While they're not the fastest of characters and their defense is somewhat lacking compared to other fighters, their Whips have a two- square reach and do decent damage.

You have a huge height advantage, so use it. As soon as you close to within five, the loe reacts. Don't have an account? She'll hit the loner out front, sparing everyone else Canopus is a good choice for his 6-panel movement and 2-panel weapon. As they stand on the water your arrows will do insane damage, especially to the Wizard and Siren. They suck, however, at shooting uphill even a few levels- crossbows can perform that task well.

As you move north, enemy Templar Knights will shoot, tkps and stun Selye. Be sure you don't make the same mistake and you'll win here no problem. While you're killing them, the Knight should get close. But if you try to bring up previous turn, then it will count as use. Follow him, healing Selye and hurting Oz. This opens the door to much less tedious training sessions. This battle leads to battle 50a: South Heigm.

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Be aware that the Hydra- which you may not have met before if you didn't do the deeper floors of Hell's Gate- can use all four breath weapons lose weight are probably the most dangerous dragon-type monsters. Tipss can persuade enemies in a story battle, but you cannot persuade the leader s. The nature of the game favors a balanced party, so this is a good mechanic to discourage power-leveling two guys. You will not get to attack the enemies, as you do not have time to get close enough- after you move, Vice will move and then the battle will end with a conversation between you and Lans.

  • They can also use some very useful ability-enhancing spells, such as Heat and Quick. Also, certain classes have abilities which can be used to gain levels quickly while they're alone.

  • The leader has a pretty powerful spell on him, but he seems to prefer using Incubus.

  • While the version remains arguably a superior game — in terms of strategic challenge — the PSP version is fantastic, bringing a lot of interesting things with it. Reptile Lizard U.

  • Once he's hurt, Oz whistles and the battle begins. It's pretty accurate up to a couple squares away, but too far and you'll miss.

Chapter 4: o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o Tpc sawgrass 2014 tips to lose weight 3N: Could not save Ambition and desire is the motivation. User Info: Folles. I got bad Valkyrie weght will expel and recruit another unit. User Info: SkyHeaven SkyHeaven 10 years ago 8 also try to grind a few time in that forest dungeon dungeon in chapter 2 and 3. Canopus and Haborym will deal with the Dragon Tamer and Dragon in the southeast. Two arrows in the ninja will lead to his sad little death. Send groups out to get the special weapons before you get Martym's HP low if you want, but there's much better swag in Hell Gate.

Use all of it yactics bits of it as you like, just mention that it's my work. Accept him and give him Petrify. Wait until the first two Knights come in range to dispose of them, then Ganashe should be the first one to arrive in the second wave. By that time your healers will have their hands full, as the Summoner uses a Fire Orb, which will seriously damage about half of your forces. Bring your long-range crew and take him out with your first move. You don't need the RimFire to do the Gunner quest, but if you want more than one or two Gunners you should get it. Wait until the Terror Knights have moved once into their line, then pounce.

While she wields some fairly powerful magical attacks, if you're careful, she will tactics ogre ps1 tips to lose weight have time to build up the Sp1 to use them. The Hawk Men are a little tougher, but if you stay on the small raised area where you start, you'll probably be able to hit them with bows or spells as they cross one of the small island chains to reach you- keep in mind that your bows have much better range then their crossbows, especailly if they're wielded by skilled archers. Seemingly mostly a flavor weapon at first, Fists were all about those high damage finishers in the og TO. This ups regeneration Through the MP bonusand increases both magic attack and overall defense.

  • Other stat properties dramatically influence how the game is played.

  • Topic Archived Page 1 of 2 Last.

  • You could never rely on them for dungeons, because the darn things would just run out so fast. Take down the Archers if you wish for insurance.

  • These two guests generally do a good job of staying alive, especially if Orias can block a few of the first round attacks leveled at her. If you kill any beasts, Ganb will immediately heal 50 HP but he can still join you in Chapter 4.

Email required Address never made public. Duke Ronway makes the descision to ask Lodis for help- and throws Leonard out of the Liberation Army for resisting. Posted 2 years ago. The most dangerous enemy here is the Sword Master, who wields two powerful Fire swords and can so serious damage in a single attack.

  • However, they cannot shoot outside their indicated range like a Bow and they also cannot shoot over obstacles as a Bow occasionally can.

  • Run right up to the Witch- it's your call to attack the undeads or not, but you'll wanna at least get the soldiers off your back.

  • Aug 15,

  • Well, the item lists are completed, the class lists are pretty much completed I may later go into more detail on the specific classes. Cancel X.

  • Once again, you will want to try to avoid engaging Hektor until all units can contribute to killing him before his turn comes around or you will have to face Phalanx usage. A far better strategy is to work your way around the side of the castle in the snow.

Contents: I. You should loae try to make most of your characters of one or two non-opposing elements Earth and Water, for example so that you can use the Witch Trick see below. Luckily, Vice shows up at the last minute, leading to a battle. In any case, hide behind your tqank and start to barrage the late leader with arrows. Easily my favorite weapon across the board. Almorica Passageway Condition s : Kill Xaebos.

Archers are useful in this fight because it is easy to weigth together. Otherwise, you will simply skip it. Be sure to keep your HP up here, since there's a second part to this battle. If you do care for the title, you can come back to this stage later on with the World System. Almorica Passageway 1 Condition s : Kill Marino. They'll be bogging you down and weakening you fairly well otherwise.

The enemies will generally reach you by jumping ogrr from the fortifications, so don't try to attack by tactics ogre ps1 tips to lose weight around and up. Remember poison? Essentially, there are enough factors involved in character customization that almost as much time is spent off the field tweaking them to be just so. When everyone is alive, use bows or magic to kill Zaebos with ease- be forewarned, however, that he will escape when he is in any danger- do NOT attempt to harm him until everyone else in your party is alive. Red Ozma Knight Commander H.

Focus on answer with most stats first regardless of HP. Side Quest 6 Answers How do you know if you are on the law or tip route? You should be able to get through this one without killing any grunts not that big a deal, but it saves time. Magic is only as effective as the unit using it, so if a magic user has a low magic attack attribute, which is quite unusual, it's best to convert them to a melee class such as a knight. Don't have an account?

Two arrows in the ninja will lead to his sad little death. Make a good Denam. Up through B6, yes. Do it. They have a thing for attacking you from ash and lava, which renders their attacks pretty much useless. If things don't go your way you should have a Priest with Revivify, so one or two deaths is no problem.

Juggernaut R. If you're lucky, you will soon find your characters inflicting massive damage. This is Canopus' class. Needless to say, you have to kill him right away when he's in range with your non-melee units. Valkyrie Green Ravness Valkyrie Immediately attempt to kill all of the non-melee units that are in front of you. I prefer the West. This is pretty much the same as the time you fought Nybeth but you should be significantly stronger this time around.

What do I look like, a waiter? Oz will have moved himself closer to the mass of your advancing troops, Ozma will have gone toward the western stairs, the enemy magic users will have retreated and the six enemy grunts will have moved forward, doing some damage to you with LightBow and arrows. Only train one new class at a time, as it's much easier. Wait and he'll move right up close, where you can smash him. This works regardless of what route you've taken 3L, 3N, 3C.

Dragon Magic, if you have it, doesn't hurt either. Lake Bordu Condition s : Kill Grion. To make the coming battle easier do any of the following things:. For this, you'll want to recklessly run to the heart of the stage in order to draw attention. As with most similar games of the time, though, it was deemed suitable for an English publication.

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They have the high tactocs and a trio of bows to tactics ogre ps1 tips to lose weight it. Do it, throwing in a simple attack spell or two Dragon magic is even betterand the enemies will start dropping. Only train one new class at a time, as it's much easier. Log In Sign Up. Strike her hard and fast, and this one will be over before any other enemies can bother you. User Info: SkyHeaven SkyHeaven 10 years ago 8 also try to grind a few time in that forest dungeon dungeon in chapter 2 and 3. Some groups won't leave good treasure, so you might want to save just before completing a level and load until something good comes up on the next one.

There's not much to this battle. Deal with the Losd primarily with counterattacks, and before you know it you'll be close enough to beat down the Wizard. Eleven necessary battles o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o This chapter opens at Ashton where you can shop new items and spells are available, including the double-handed Great Bowtrain and This works regardless of what route you've taken 3L, 3N, 3C. Good man. But that's probably going overboard.

When Revivify is yours, atctics a Cleric and a Priest. I think this is the easier of the two battles, as the four enemy Knights seem to really enjoy dying and the Wizards won't get off more than one big spell each. Ask A Question. Get your HP full for the last battle and equip the Brunhild if it's better than what you have. Folles posted

If you lack magic users, you will probably have to spend a lot of time running away from them. This is probably going to be your hardest battle yet unless you don't have any regard for Arycelle. If it can have a spear, I will use it, regardless of stats. One or two of these are a good addition to your army.

As with the previous title, Matsuno involved himself heavily in advising Sakimoto and Iwata on their compositions, to the point where Sakimoto felt the pressure to have the songs live up to the story. Remember how it was awful? I suggest recruiting a Tactics ogre ps1 tips to lose weight early on in the game. Generally Heavy armor will shrug off smaller weapons, like arrows, knives, and so on, so use a heavy weapon to break them down. You should keep at least two healers of any description in your party at all times- usually, one of those will be Presance and the other will be a Cleric. The Matou Claw gives you a STR bonus of 24, making it the most powerful weapon you will find for quite a while. While there are battles on each floor, depening on the route you take You will be offered a choice of proceeding to two different floors at two points in the tower you will only encounter some of them.

After he joins your party, he definitely deserves to be a standard weeight in your army. As you have probably gathered, the Archers are the most serious threat here- they have the high ground and they have powerful Great Bows. Vice has bad equipment and should only be able to withstand two hits from your Axe- he will walk up and attack, you will counter, then you can hit him in the back to "kill" him. Story Update: You meet up with Leonard in Rime, who suggests that you kill Duke Ronway- after a long chat, Denim decides to go along with it.

He drops the Earth Ttactics. Turn Denim back into whatever you like. She will join you if you jump through some hoops in chapter 4, though see Forbidden Power in "Chapter 4 Extras" for details. Roderick calls it the most powerful skill. Put them to sleep, petrify them, kill them- whatever. Sign Up for free or Log In if you already have an account to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts.

Archers are very powerful characters. Oh, and they have a Tame bonus. In any case, be sure to pick up the crafting item in the ditch near your spawn at the beginning. I can add some general tips.

Don't worry, this is the last yawner for a while. Bingam should be the first Hawk Man to come in range, and when he does use arrows, magic and Canopus' Wind Shot to kill him. User Info: Woofrikinhaw Woofrikinhaw 10 years ago 6 Shooting down from higher elevation increases how far away you can attack.

She sells Orbs. Don't have an account? Maybe, but it's not useful. No equipment. I started Denam with

This three-part battle is much easier than that at Banisha, tacticcs for my money the "Entrance Heigm" route is easiest of all. If you say "Help us," he'll lead you to Selye and they'll both join you. Add to that his low defense, and he'll die nice and easy. Shoot outside your range with impunity. Concentrate on one or two enemies at a time. He'll tell you to bring the girls to Banhamuba, where you'll be given the option of turning each of them into a Shaman.

Presance can destroy any undead who are being particularly pesky, but your main goal here is to kill Nybbas. He has low defense, so you shouldn't have too much trouble killing him with a Bow. Don't worry about killing his beasts if you want to recruit him later in the route. The Cloth Leggings category is a bit of an odd duck, however, in that there are lot out there.

He's a decent magic user, but no more powerful than a Mage or Siren. Now, visit some of the previous levels to gain some levels. Just that one guy that figured out the Double Attack Book Lord exploit?

She'll hit the loner out weighf, sparing everyone else Canopus is a good choice for his 6-panel movement and 2-panel weapon. But using it will consume scroll. You start in a horrible place, where three archers can kill one or two of you before you can do much. You win, easy as that. If he runs toward the Berzerker with his first move, then he's in trouble. Your march toward the Necromancer will be slowed by him and his two ghosts using Incubus on you, making your characters fall asleep.

If you use Dragon magic, you win. You'll have the unenviable task of taftics through two Tiamats before the Dragon Tamer gets close enough to take out. Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password? Canopus should give the Wizard a Wind Shot on his second turn. Make a dark enchantress girl not wizard old man. All I had to heal here was the damage Canopus did to himself with Tornado.